A Prayer for Happiness

May we be thankful for the infinite gift of receiving fulfillment from the good fortune of others—pleasure in our own good tidings being limited, joy in the happiness of others free of boundary.

May we be grateful for the gift of tenderness in the recognition that others suffer just as we do.

May we appreciate the ability to cultivate compassion for the untold challenges faced by our brothers and sisters, and know that compassion to be the altruistic poultice that sooths our own painful humanity.

May we prosper in the ability to get up when we fall, and cheer that we can always try again.

May we befriend the ten thousand joys and ten thousand sorrows of this precious human life, and may we have the wisdom to know them simply as the way of things.

May we take respite in the knowledge that we do not know, while allowing our life to radiate the being of all that there is to know.