Family Law with a Conscience

I chose family law as a specialty because it deals with one of the most challenging times of life. During a divorce people need both competent and compassionate lawyering in the worst way. Nothing less than their economic security and the best interest of their children are at stake. The need is for efficient legal counsel who can facilitate a favorable outcome, but also has the sensitivity to treat the situation as the very human one that it is.

My background as a business executive and lawyer is well suited to efficiently handle the diverse issues of divorce. Negotiation skills are the hallmark of good business and they are critical to finding the win/win solutions desirable in family law.

I am convinced that the strongest advocacy does not rely on hostile tactics and that legal representation that avoids attack produces the best outcome, both for the short-term and in the long run – especially when children are involved.

Family law with a conscience doesn’t mean i won’t go to the end of the earth to get you the best outcome, because I will. What it means is that my strategy is not to back the other person up against the wall. It recognizes that we live in a world where as we sow, we really do reap, and dealing fairly with people – regardless of their position – will always bring superior results. This isn’t moralistic or naive, it’s simply an understanding that is right and works.

No lawyer can guarantee that things will always go exactly like you want, but if I take your case Ill promise you this: I’ll never put you on the back burner. I’ll always return your calls. I’ll care about you as a human being. And I’ll do everything in my power to treat you like I’d want someone to treat me.