I specialize in working with people dedicated to emotional and spiritual sensitivity in resolving family conflict in an intimidation free environment.


When both parties are open to mediation, I act as an attorney/mediator and work with the couple together to facilitate a smooth separation rather than an adversarial representation of one spouse against the other. Whenever possible, I prefer mediation as it has the potential to decrease overall legal costs, lessen conflict and hostility, and achieve a win/win divorce agreement that is reached through the couples’ own positive and cooperative efforts.

As an attorney/mediator, I can file all necessary paperwork with the Court and prepare all documents necessary to complete the divorce process. Once a prospective separation agreement is worked out, I will direct each party to consult with a separate and independent mediation-friendly attorney to review the agreement on each party’s behalf. This process will ensure that each party is agreeing to fair separation terms, while still maintaining a cooperative constructive approach.

For the right couple, mediation saves time and expense, but most importantly, allows divorcing couples to dramatically decrease negative interactions and avoid making an already difficult situation even more painful.

Initial mediation consultations can be done individually, or preferably, with both parties present.

Collaborative Law

In a collaborative law case, both parties have their own attorneys from the outset, but the attorneys have special training and work under a special set of guidelines designed to avoid undue animosity between the parties.

Collaborative Law is a cutting edge process for humanely resolving disputes associated with divorce, child custody, asset division, and child and spousal support in a non-confrontational manner without court intervention. The process provides maximum protection, respect, and self-determination for the divorce clients.

Collaborative Law protects privacy and enhances communication and parenting skills, and most importantly, it protects your children from the harm that comes with protracted litigation between parents over family law matters.

I am part of a national network of attorneys that adhere to this philosophy. I will tell you more about this during our first meeting or you can read more about it at the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.