Well Begun Is Half Done: Starting Out Right

People generally have no idea how to go about ending a relationship, let alone how to start a divorce. They think starting a divorce is all about filling out paperwork, having people served, and gearing up for battle.

That is certainly not the case in my practice. The conversation starts with “have you really made up your mind?” “Have you done the counseling that has a chance of saving the relationship?”

Once, I am sure someone is resolute in their decision to change the relationship, I always want to know what is bringing the greatest amount of fear and anxiety about the process. I’m interested in knowing this about my client and also for their spouse. Attempting to mitigate and soothe fear and anxiety is always the starting point for successful dispute resolution.

Thoughtful, conscientious initial case-analysis goes a long way to achieving a positive ultimate outcome. It sets up a positive blueprint for the process that will follow.